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Danette Volpenhein
451 Bielby Rd, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025-1057
State Farm

Phone: 812-577-0765
Fax: 812-577-3144
3 Miles Away


Karen Shields
549 Walnut St, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025-1882
State Farm

Phone: 812-537-1133
3 Miles Away


Friendship Financial Services Llc
110 W Eads Parkway, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

3 Miles Away


Midwest Insurance Llc
135 Short St, LAWRENCEBURG, IN 47025

Phone: 812-539-4747
Fax: 812-539-3979
3 Miles Away


Hummel Insurance Group
142 Walnut Street, LAWRENCEBURG, IN 47025
Liberty Mutual Independent

Phone: (812) 747-7109
Fax: (812) 747-7119
3 Miles Away


Seitz Agency, Inc.
25 W High St, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

3 Miles Away


Anna Carney
102 Front St Ste A, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Phone: (513) 492-2662
4 Miles Away


Ed Brack
23596 Jeb Dr, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025-8441
State Farm

Phone: 812-637-3700
Fax: 812-637-9015
4 Miles Away


Hummel'S Bright Insurance, Inc.
23986 State Line Road, Ste. 102 , Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

5 Miles Away


Mansfield Insurance Agency Inc.
24244 State Line Road, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

5 Miles Away


Encore Insurance Group Llc - Bright
24486 State Line Rd, LAWRENCEBURG, IN 47025
Liberty Mutual Independent

Phone: (812) 656-8400
Fax: (812) 689-3001
5 Miles Away


Booher & Taylor
726 Green Blvd # 269, Aurora, IN 47001

Phone: (812) 926-0997
6 Miles Away


Greg Stuart
535 Green Blvd, Aurora, IN 47001-1530
State Farm

Phone: 812-926-1659
Fax: 812-926-4012
6 Miles Away


Booher & Taylor Agencies, Inc.
726 Green Blvd, Aurora, IN 47001

6 Miles Away


Baker Insurance Agency
7531 Bridegetown Road , Cincinnati, OH 45248

7 Miles Away


Siefferman Insurance Agency Inc.
10403 Ave Ste. 200, Harrison, OH 45030

Phone: (513) 208-2021
7 Miles Away


H F Wunderlich Agcy Inc
431 Second St, AURORA, IN 47001

Phone: 812-926-1911
Fax: 812-926-0014
7 Miles Away


Dale R Moeller
435 Second St, Aurora, IN 47001-1325

Phone: (812) 926-0046
Fax: (812) 926-0098
7 Miles Away


Tonya Sharp Staten
2091 N Bend Rd Ste 140, Hebron, KY 41048

Phone: (859) 534-5202
Fax: (859) 534-5333
7 Miles Away


Michael Koman
1150 Harrison Ave Ste 109, Harrison, OH 45030

Phone: (513) 770-1022
7 Miles Away

Homeowners Insurance Estimates in Greendale, IN

Greendale, IN Homeowners Insurance rates varies depending on your coverage, deductible, security & other variables. The best way to get a good estimate is to compare quotes from multiple insurance carriers.

Below are some examples of Home Insurance Rates in Greendale to give you a general sense:

$1,180 for $170,000 Coverage

Single Family Home with More than 50% Brick Construction, Piers Pilings Stilts Foundation & Asphalt Shingle Roof. Other features Circuit Breaker Electrical System, Fire Hydrant w/in 1000 Feet, Uncovered Deck

Property near W Cove Cir, Greenlawn Way, Limestone Dr, Elm Dr, Tracey Ln, Hampton Dr, Springdale Ct, Raba Ct, Birdie Ln, Darci Ln

$990 for $180,000 Coverage

Condominium with All Brick Construction, Crawl Space Foundation & Tile Shingle (Spanish Style) Roof. Other amenities Fenced Swimming Pool, Manned Fire Station within 5 Miles, Woodburning Stove

Property near Clearview Ct, Bond Rd, Oakmount Ct, Tracey Ln, Mitchell Rd, Jeb Dr, Ridgewood Ct, Brabamhurst Dr, Woodland Cir, Georgetown Rd

$1,370 for $190,000 Coverage

Condominium with Wood Frame Construction, Basement Foundation & Asphalt Shingle Roof. Other amenities Copper Water Pipes, Fenced Swimming Pool, Advanced Security system

Property near Putter Pl, Ridgecliff Ct, Greenhill Ct, Beechwood Cir, Damo Ct, Meercham Way, Par Dr, Hartford Cir, Tyrolean Way, Augusta Dr

$640 for $110,000 Coverage

Townhome with Wood Frame Construction, Concrete Slab Foundation & Metal Roof. Other features In-Ground Swimming Pool, Fenced Swimming Pool, Uncovered Deck

House near Ridgewood Ct, Springdale Ct, Ridgecliff Ct, Clearview Ct, Buckeye Ct, Lauren Ln, Cove Cir W, Sandamont Dr, Beechwood Cir, Tuppence Trl

$860 for $160,000 Coverage

Townhome with All Brick Construction, Concrete Slab Foundation & Asphalt Shingle Roof. Other features Fire Hydrant w/in 1000 Feet, Smoker in Household, Advanced Security system

House near Heather Ct, Sandstone Dr, Bond Rd, Bellemeade Dr, Augusta Dr, Golfview Ct, Meercham Way, Morningside Dr, Jeb Ct, Benedic Ln

$950 for $170,000 Coverage

Duplex with Metal Frame Construction, Concrete Slab Foundation & Wood Shingle Roof. Other features Fireplace, In-Ground Swimming Pool, Smoker in Household

Located near Tuppence Trl, Ventura Dr, Tracey Ln, Cove Cir, Morningside Dr, Kathy Ct, Barth Rd, Damo Ct, Longview Dr, Cravenhurst Dr

$1,160 for $160,000 Coverage

Condominium with Wood Frame Construction, Crawl Space Foundation & Asphalt Shingle Roof. Other amenities Manned Fire Station within 5 Miles, Covered Deck, Uncovered Deck

Home near Lauren Ln, Mitchell Rd, Sunnyridge Dr, Hanover Dr, Diefenbach Rd, Lawson Ct, Fairway Dr, Benedic Ln, Woodland Cir, Overlook Cir