Top Best Products in Valves

Best Ball Valves Comparisons And Specifications

SharkBite 22222-0000LFA Ball Valve 1/2 Inch x 1/2 Inch

Kingston KMBVM Series Brass Mini Ball Valve

WYNNsky 1/4" Heavy Duty Brass Ball Valve Shut Off Switch

Midline Valve 827T256-NL Premium Full Port Ball Valve

Best Butterfly Valves Comparisons And Specifications

Dixon B5101V150CC-A Stainless Steel 316L Butterfly Valve

3" Aluminum Wet/Dry Valve

IrrigationKing RKLV4B PVC Butterfly Valve

DERNORD Butterfly Valve

Best Check Valves Comparisons And Specifications

Wayne Pumps 66005-Wyn Check Valve

Little Giant CV-10 Check Valve

Campbell Check Valve Quiet CLR1.5 by Brady MfrPartNo 0823-15C

Control Devices Brass Ball Check Valve

Best Control Valves Comparisons And Specifications

Taco V100T2G2ZA024Q4A1 GEO-Sentry Valve

Legend Valve 110-170 Radiator Replacement Handle

Lubeworks Oil Control Valve Nozzle 10GPM/35LPM Heavy Duty Air Operated Oil Transfer Pump and Control Valve

SNS JSC1/4-N01 1/4"Tube OD x 1/8 NPT 90 Degree Elbow Air Flow Control Valve Push to Connect Fitting Speed Control Valve

Best Diaphragm Valves Comparisons And Specifications

Studor 20349 REDI-Vent Air Admittance Valve

1-1/2 inch Tuuber Vent 2x Superior Seal Air Admittance Valve

2-inch Vent Tuuber 2X Superior Seal Air Admittance Valve

Pondmaster Replacement Diaphragm Kit

Best Filter Valves Comparisons And Specifications

Geberit 241.469.00.1 Impuls380 Fill Valve

Fleck 5600 Filter Valve Rebuild Kit

3/4" Stainless Steel 316 WYE Strainer Mesh Filter Valve 800 WOG1000

AP717 3M Aqua-Pure Inline Filter System

Best Float Valves Comparisons And Specifications

1/2 Inch NPT Mini Float Ball Valve Kit Automatic Fill Feed Humidifier Tank Pond Shut Off Water Float Ball Valve

Float Ball Valve, 1/2 Inch Supply Tube Male Automatic Fill Feed Humidifier Tank Water

Skuttle A17-1731-013 Complete Valve and Float Assembly

Kerick Valve SR10 Stainless Steel Rod

Best Gate Valves Comparisons And Specifications

NDS GVG-1000-S ProGuard Gate Valve

Valterra 6101 PVC Gate Valve

Valterra 6301 PVC Gate Valve

Valterra 7101 ABS Gate Valve

Best Globe Valves Comparisons And Specifications

Dante FP.GV.FB Flat Black Floor Plate

Rain Bird 100DVF Dura Manifold Valve Kit

G215S-J+LF24-SR US Globe Valve

Hunter PGV101-MM 4 Zone Dura Manifold Valve Kit

Best Hydraulic Directional Control Valves Comparisons And Specifications

Prince LVT1GB5AB7 Loader Valve

RuggedMade 30 GPM Hydraulic Directional Control Valve

gohantee 10PCS Access/Service Valve 1/4'' SAE x 1/4'' OD x 4'' Stem Core AC Refrigeration

Mophorn Hydraulic Valve 2 Spool Hydraulic Directional Control Valve 11gpm Double Acting Cylinder Spool

Best Industrial Pressure Regulators Comparisons And Specifications

Mr. Heater Propane Low Pressure Regulator

MAXITROL 325-3L Regulator

Maxitrol RV48L Natural Gas Pressure Regulator

Rheem SP12574 Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

Best Needle Valves Comparisons And Specifications

Bayou Classic Brass Control Valve

PIC Gauge NV-B-1/4-FXF Brass Needle Valve 1/4" Female NPT X 1/4" Female NPT Connection Size

Litorange 2 Pack Heavy Duty Brass Replacement Control Needle Valve 1/4" Male NPT X 1/4" Female NPT Connection

Litorange 2 Pack Heavy Duty Brass Replacement Control Needle Valve 1/4" Female NPT X 1/4" Female NPT Connection

Best Pinch Valves Comparisons And Specifications

Manual Pinch Valve, 5/16" to 3/8" Tube OD

Asco SCH284B007-24VDC Two-Way Normally Closed Pinch Valve

Camco Waste Valve Skin Pack 3" Blk

Cole-Parmer Three-Way Solenoid Pinch Valve

Best Plug Valves Comparisons And Specifications

B & K Steam Radiator Valve 1-1/4 " Fpt X 1-1/4 " Mpt Angle Brnz

Plumbers Overstock UV35105 Bronze Steam Radiator Angle Valve

LSP GSB-601 Metal Gas Box

B & K Steam Radiator Valve 1-1/2 " Fpt X 1-1/2 " Mpt Angle Brnz

Best Relief Valves Comparisons And Specifications

Control Devices ST Series Brass ASME Safety Valve

Watts Regulator 0342692 Boiler Relief Valve 3/4" 30Psi

Watts 0342691 30 PSI Pressure Relief Valve

Camco 10423 1/2" Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

Best Solenoid Valves Comparisons And Specifications

1/4" NPT Brass Electric Solenoid Valve 12VDC Normally Closed VITON . Solid Brass

Aprilaire 4040 Solenoid Valve

HFS 110v Ac or 12v Dc Electric Solenoid Valve Water Air Gas

Beduan Brass Electric Solenoid Valve

Best Toggle Valves Comparisons And Specifications

Clippard TV-2SP 2-Way Toggle Valve

TV-3S Electric Solenoid Air Valve Knob Toggle Value Switch

Clippard MJTV-3 3-Way Toggle Valve

Clippard M-MJTV-4 4-Way Toggle Valve